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Participant Applications Open Now

\ Music Festival 2019 ☆ Participant Applications Open Now /
〜August 24, 2019 (Sat) Yamaha Hall (Ginza, Tokyo)〜

The opportunity for students of Cafetalk music lessons to show their progress,
the Cafetalk Music Festival will be held in the summer of 2019!

The 5th installment of the event will be held at Yamaha Hall in Ginza, Tokyo (Japan).
If you are taking music lessons on Cafetalk, you can apply to present what you've learned in the last year
(no prior experience with recitals needed).

Make this performance the goal for your lessons in the new year
and present your progress in the beautiful hall in front of everyone!


もり まさこ (Masako Mori)

もりまさこ講師 助演:佐藤知代さん「水の流れ」三味線

Yoko S

Yoko S講師 アメリカから来日!「谷茶前」「花」三線


Time / Place

August 24, 2019 (Sat) Yamaha Hall (Ginza, Tokyo)

Application Qualification

Anyone who has taken music lessons via Cafetalk in the past

Music Genres

Classical piano, jazz piano, clarinet, violin, flute, guitar (classical, acoustic), ukulele, classical vocal music, voice (broadway, etc.) , flamenco, traditional Japanese music, etc.

Please note that while all genres are welcome, due to the venue's built in facilities, performers will not be able to use amps, mics, or PA systems.

Maximum Number of Applicants

25 people (the application is closed when this number is reached)

Participation Cost

Preschool 12,000 Points

Elemententary School and Under 14,000 Points

Middle School and High School 16,000 Points

General 18,000 Points

Optional Costs

Joined performance with the tutor (four-handed performance on piano etc.) 10,000 Points

Note 1) The cost for a four-handed performance with the tutor is an additional cost +10,000 Points (this does NOT include accompanied performances)

Note 2) If the performer wishes for an accompanied performance they are kindly asked to contact a tutor or a different performer of their choice.
If this proves to be difficult please contact our office for assistance.

The costs (basic and optional) are payed via the Cafetalk system using Cafetalk points.

How to Apply

Please click on the button "Apply as a participant here" and fill out the form.

Application Deadline: May 31, 2019 (this may change)

Applications can be cancelled until the end of March 2019. Applications after this point cannnot be cancelled. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Please read this before you apply.

The event will be livestreamed.
During the livestream the participant's name and other relevant personal information are accounced and will be recorded.

We will ask for your cooperation in providing photos for the pamphlet and other promotional materials.

The performance time is limited based on the school year (age) of the participants.
Preschool approx. 3 minutes, Elementary School approx. 6 minutes, Middle/ High School approx. 10 minutes, University Students/ Adults approx 12 minutes

After initial setup a rehearsal is planned for the day of the festival.

If you would like to use a practice room, please apply at least 1 month before the festival (15 minutes, charge applies)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Cafetalk office about it.

Music Festival

Here's what the the 4th Cafetalk Music Festival 2018 looked like

Word-renowned professional musicians Rina Sudo and Yoji Oishi gave guest performances and provided valuable comments for the participants. The participants where moved by the professional's thoughtful comments on their performances.

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Here's what the the 3nd Cafetalk Music Festival 2017 looked like

The 3rd Music Festival was held at Suginami Public Hall. With the support of a live band we were able to add the vocal category for participants. Many music enthusiasts followed the live stream and the performances where a big success.

3nd Cafetalk Music Festival 2017 Report

Here's what the the 2nd Cafetalk Music Festival 2016 looked like

The second Cafetalk Music Festival was held on May 4, 2016. The festival was streamed live for the first time and students and tutors travelled from faraway countries to perform at the festival.

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Here's what the the 1st Cafetalk Music Festival 2015 looked like

For our first ever Cafetalk Music Festival held on May 6th, 2015, performers came from all over Japan to showcase their talents in a variety of genres including piano, violin, and vocal music. We even got to enjoy a choir performance by the participating children.

1st Cafetalk Music Festival 2015 Report

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