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Dukha Tribe

Nov 22, 2018

While i was reading the news, i suddenly saw the breathtaking pictures. I saw a little girl was lying down with a white reindeer in a wild life. Then i researched and found a perfect place where i could travel one day.

The Dukha or Tsaatan people are communities of in Mongolia which keep and herd reindeer all their lives. Actually, more than that, there is an unbelievable bound between wild animals and and them.

In fact, Tsaatan literally means ' The ones who have reindeer' in their local tongue. These nomadic tribes are incredible to observe from a cultural point of view. At such a point that, Dukhas are using reindeers on transportation as horses.

Kids are taught how to communicate with reindeers and other wild animals and they learn resecting them. That's why, reindeers which have seen love and care don't harm any vulnerable human child even they see their own kind.

With Dukha's education to wolves and reindeers, they are living altogether without any problems. Into their community, you may see how beautifully people can live with wolves,reindeers,bears and eagles.

Their lifestyle is completely different from what we're used to and tourists who love adventure often visit these nomadic communities to learn more about them and experience their unique culture and way of living.

Sad but, this tribe's offspring is decreasing day by day. These days, there are only 44 Dukha families left which means they are about 300 in total.

This specific tribe's treasured reindeer are also what makes them unique and gives them a majestic appeal.

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