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YouTubeの音声を遅くする方法 Use the "Sound" button on YouTube to slow down audio that you find hard to understand!

Jan 13, 2019 | 2 Comments

Hi Students,

Here is another amazing tip that I learned that will help your listening skills immensely.  All you have to do is when you are listening to a video, news-segment, or show on Youtube, click on the Settings button, then click on Speed. Then you can manually lower the speed of the person speaking, and this will help you catch words that otherwise would be too difficult to understand! This is very helpful for transcription and dictation exercises. You can also speed it up so that it's even faster if you want a big challenge.  

Another thing that you can do is click on the Subtiltes/Captions button, but be aware that this is technology based and is not always accurate. Any time that you are using Google Translate or audio-based language technology, it's helpful but never comparable to natural language or the assistance of a native/fluent speaker. 

Also, try your best to try to understand without the captions or lowering the speed, but use it for sections that seem particularly challenging to understand. 

I really hope that this awesome tool will enhance your learning! Please let me know if you used it. :)

Happy Learning!

New Words:

immensely- greatly, vastly, much

manually- done by hand, not automatically, done specifically to your tastes

accurate- correct, right

(not) comparable- in this case it means "not as good as", it doesn't compare, it's inferior

enhance- make better, improve quality


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