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Life Update

Feb 10, 2019

Hello everyone!

Wow, it's been a long time since I wrote for the tutor column. A lot has changed in my life over 2018 but I'm happy to say that the changes have mostly been good! Here's the short story:

-  I spent 2018 living and working in Japan. I taught English to all sorts of students, ranging from kindergarten to seniors! It wasn't always easy but it was an amazing experience. I met so many wonderful people and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to live in another country - especially one as beautiful as Japan. My Japanese is not good but I want to continue studying the language and (hopefully) move back to Japan - one day!

- I moved back to the UK in January this year. I don't have anywhere to live (yet!) but I will soon move to the county of Shropshire with my boyfriend. We found a cute little flat (apartment) in the center of town and I can't wait to move in!

My life is very busy right now buying furniture, organising deliveries and generally trying to get over the culture shock of being back in the UK but I'm so excited to return to Cafetalk! 

Thank you for reading. I hope I can meet you all soon! :)

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