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5 PHONICS FUN for KIDS Lessons - all in a pack

Feb 12, 2019

In English PHONICS Fun for Kids the young student learn to read by recognizing sounds that go together to make up words.

An example is the word "hen" where the sound corresponds to each letter 
h - e - n. Another example is the word "sheep" where your child will learn the combination of sounds such as  sh - ee - p.

Advantages of learning how to read with phonics
  • Your child will be able to associate letter symbols with sounds
  • Sounding out words will become easier
  • Learning how to read through phonics makes spelling easier
  • Syllable structure will become easy (example: sh-ee-p) 
Instead of buying lessons one-by-one, why not try a pack of 5 lessons? 
In other words - Enjoy 5 lessons to a cheaper price!


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