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Tutor ジョアンナJoanna 's Column

I have now completed my first 10 lessons on Cafetalk!

Mar 31, 2019

Thank you to all my students who have chosen me as their tutor on Cafetalk!
I have now completed 10 lessons!

This work has given me a great opportunity to work and study at the same time. It is hard to find a flexible job that fits in with my studies. Right now, I am studying my second year of an Advanced Diploma in Art Therapy. In the future I hope to help people through creative art making. It is very interesting! Art Therapy is becoming popular in Australia and many hospitals now have Art Therapist working there.


Also, yesterday was my little brother’s Birthday party and we went to an interesting mini golf centre. This is a picture of me in the “Zombie golf room”…


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