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Tutor Francisco José Martínez Vicente 's Column

A good reason to study Spanish with me.

Пятница, 26 Апрель 2019 r. 07:00

Studying Spanish does not have to be expensive. I must say that it is an investment. But If you get a discount, I'm sure you will accept to practice Spanish with me.

I suggest that you read my student feedback and check the level of satisfaction. My students are happy because they spend a good time learning something new bit by bit, the lesson environment is friendly and casual and I always help them improve their level giving effective support.

In addition, I have already decided not to charge the trial lesson: it's free!

Have a look at my discount coupons and start to save money! Here you are an example:
  • Coupon Name: パッククーポン: Spanish for intermediate learners (B1/B2 level). T
  • Total Coupon(s): 5 
  • Code: 

・Discount Rate: 100%
・For Lesson: Spanish for intermediate learners (B1/B2 level).


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