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Please, Give Harry Potter a Chance

Weekly Topic: Recommend movies to your students

Apr 26, 2019

I saw the Weekly Topic and my mind immediately went to the most important series to me: Harry Potter.

I read the first Harry Potter book when I was 7 years old and read each one as it came out. Today, as an adult, I have a tattoo sleeve that's based on Harry Potter! I can't explain to you how much this series has touched me and changed my life.

Normally, I would advocate for reading the books instead of watching the movies. But, if you've never been exposed to the wonderful world of Harry Potter, please watch the movies. Introduce yourself to all that Harry Potter has to teach us! 

As a primary school teacher, I used the first Harry Potter book and movie in my classroom as a full unit of study. I believe that the stories, themes, and lessons that appear throughout the many different Harry Potter movies and books are relatable to people of all ages and can teach children a great deal about teamwork, friendship, tolerance, and empathy. 

JK Rowling tackles many big issues in the stories but manages to include them organically in a way that is easy to digest and easy to enjoy. The characters are dynamic and show growth throughout the series. And everyone can relate to the struggles of the three main characters as they go through the pains of growing up. 

The series truly moves me and I learn something new every single time I read or watch it. Do yourself a favor if you haven't yet: please watch Harry Potter! 

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