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The rainy season doesn't have to be a nuisance.

Weekly Topic: Recommended Items to Survive the Rainy Season

May 30, 2019

Different activities in each season.
The seasons influence in our mood. Many people associate the rainy season to melancholic times. However, it can cope with those attitude changing your routine. 
1. Learning the seasons in Spanish.
The cold and rainy weather may be a good time to spend more time with yourself and take advantage of beginning to learn your first words in a foreing language, such as Spanish. I love libraries! Being surrounding of books, silent, lamps and wooden tables create a magic atmosphere to concentrate on both reading and studying.
Do you know how to say the season in Spanish? Ok, I will help you with my podcast Why should we speak in Spanish? Let's play it!
Useful sentences.
  1. Es veramo - it's summer.
  2. Hace calor - it's hot.
  3. Estamos en verano - we're in summer.
  4. Es invierno - it's winter.
  5. ¡Qué frío! - it's cold.
  6. Me gusta mi chimenea - I like my chimney.
  7. En España, a finales de verano comienza el curso - In Spain, the course starts at the end of summer.
  8. Las hojas de los árboles caen en otoño - The leaves of the trees fall in autumn.
  9. Por fin, ha llegado la primavera - Spring has finally arrived.
  10. ¡Es un día maravilloso! - it's a lovely day!
  11. Es primavera - it's spring.
  12.  El Sol es una estrella - The Sun is a star.
  13. La Luna es el satélite de la Tierra - The Moon is the Earth's satellite.
  14. Hay luna llena hoy - There's full moon today.
  15. Vivimos en el planeta Tierra - We live on planet Earth.
Story transcription.

Spanish version.

El año tiene cuatro estaciones que se llaman: la primavera, el verano, el otoño y el invierno.  En cada estación las personas realizan distintas actividades. En invierno la gente lleva más ropa cuando sale a la calle y pasa más tiempo en casa. En verano, la gente se va de vacaciones a la playa o a la montaña. En otoño, a la gente le gusta pasear por los parques y recoger hojas caídas de los árboles. Y, en primavera, la gente está contenta porque la temperatura es muy agradable.

English version.

The year has four seasons that are called: spring, summer, autumn and winter.In each station people perform different activities.In winter people wear more clothes when they go out and spend more time at home.In summer, people go on vacation to the beach or the mountain.In the fall, people like to walk through parks and collect fallen leaves from trees.And, in spring, people are happy because the temperature is very pleasant!

2. Organize a club of foreign languages.

Rainy days are not the best time to go out. However, why don't you organize a club of Spanish to practice that language with friends at home? You could create a Facebook group to meet like- minded people and arrange live Facebook session in groups. Now it's possible to use interative activities and game to practice any second language. For example, a game of cards, like a trivial pursuit, the famous board game.

Here you are some ideas you will love to use: https://abcdeele.com/10juegosdemesa/

3. Mindfulness and yoga.

Stressful life is terrible! I know two methods to stop being nervous all the time and achieve a peaceful state of metal balance. Mindfulness and yoga work with the body and the mind through the breathing, stretching and body postures. The goal is to find the positive energy we have and being in peace with ourselves.
To understand what mindfulness is, I suggest you watch the following video tutorial.

I accomplish a high grade of concentration in rainy days while I practice my daily yoga routine early in the morning. 

Have you ever practice yoga? It's amazing how many tutorials you can find on YouTube, both in Spanish or English. If your level of Spanish is enough to understand simple instructions, I recommend this option. In case you have difficulty to understand the video, don't hesitate to use the subtitles option.

In English.

4. Learn to draw during the rainy days.

The city and the daily things have a different tone of colours. Look at the little things you see while you're walking: a leaf on the ground, the inside of a cafeteria which is full of people having coffee and tasty cakes, the lights of the city... Those details may inspire your creativity and imagination, in addition, it's possible you feel the need to express your feelings through the drawing and painting.

Same samples of my own painting exercises.

I'm not Picasso or Vicent van Gogh, but I find my way to express my mood through my draws. It allows me to be relaxed indeed. My goal is not perfection, but also expressing what my creativity senses looking a picture or a landscape. 

A country house.

Still life with sanguine technique.

In conclusion. 

Any season is wonderful to explore our relationship with our mind, our life and our interests. If your personal predisposition is feeling in a bad mood during the rainy days, change your attitude and analyse why you feel like that and how you can channel the emotions which block your actions.

Let the rain kiss you.
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.
Let the rain sing you a lullaby.

Being aggressive or feeling depressed are not the best way to socialize with others. So, try to express your emotions through some individual or group activities. It reduces the feeling of solitude, active our emotional intelligence to learn new things and live nice experiences, such us learning a language or how to paint something, and, finally, the balance between body and mind is a relevant part of our health you should bear in mind.

And you? How do you survive in the rainy season? Share your tricks and try to practice your Spanish on the comment box of this post.

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