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Education is the future (coupon below)

Jun 5, 2019

Dear Cafetalk Students, 

Let's climb the ladder together and learn something new.  

Do you want to talk about pictures and learn new vocabulary?  Take my Mini Picture This lesson.

Do you want to learn some new idioms?  Take my Idioms in 15 minutes lesson. 

Do you want to read an article and talk about it?  Take my Learn English with Engoo News.

Let's learn something new together!  Use one of my coupons for June. I look forward to seeing you in a lesson soon! Use one of my coupons for June 

Best Wishes,


Coupon Name: 2 Year Anniversary Coupon (24 months)
Code: 6d986a78
Discount Rate: 24%
For Lesson: Any lesson except for lesson packs
Effective for lessons conducted between: Jun 1, 2019 ~ Jul 2, 2019
URL: http://cafetalk.com/coupons/detail/?id=1129988&lang=en
(GMT-06:00 DST Denver) 


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