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“Who ordered this truckload of dung?” -A book about life mottos and other thought-provoking stories

Weekly Topic: What is your life motto?

Aug 24, 2019

My all-time favourite book about life mottos is a book written by  Ajahn Brahm. He is an English Buddhist monk and I sometimes go to see him do talks at the Buddhist Centre in Perth. The book is called “Who ordered this truckload of dung?”. The main story of the book, much like the title, is about a person who gets a load of dung (otherwise known as poo) dumped at the front of his house. I haven’t read the book for a very long time but essentially how the story goes is that the man had a choice, to carry the dung around with him and complain, or to dig a hole in the ground and use the dung a fertiliser for his garden. The story is a metaphor about life. So, if you have a problem, realize that this is a time for growth and you can use your experience to make something good about it. It’s much like the saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. 

I loved this book so much that years ago, when I did a Fine Arts degree at university, I made a stop-motion animation video about this story for my assignment. This was my first attempt at making an animation. My brother did the voice over!

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