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Вторник, 1 Октябрь 2019 r. 00:20

To all students with goals,

For many people, the start of the year is a time for setting goals for the future because, in life, it helps for us to have and reach goals. Do you set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals? Do you reach your goals? Here are some tips:

Pick specific goals

When setting goals, try to be as specific as you can. If a goal is too general, it can be hard to know how to achieve it.

Break big goals into small ones

To stay motivated, experts suggest breaking big goals down into small, achievable steps.

There are some goals that we can reach on our own and then there are some that we can reach with the help of others. From teacher to student, let's help each other out. One of my goals is to conduct 500 lessons before the year ends. Can you help me? Guess what? When you help me reach my goal, I am helping you to reach your goal of improving your English. Let's help each other out. Let's reach our goals together.

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