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I like hugging a mug :)

Weekly Topic: Tea or coffee: which one do you like better?

Oct 17, 2019

こんにちは,여보세요, Hello!, Hola!, Ciao!,

Yes, when I have coffee or cappuccino, I feel that I'm hugging a mug. Just feeling its warmth, makes my day better.

Truth be told, I can stay hours with my cup, talking, spending time with friends, walking, reading a book or doing some errands. I prefer coffee, cappuccino but I like tea too... 

What I do believe and it's the most important thing for me is that over coffee I had the best conversations, moments and dreams that became true.

Each cup I have with its warmth and flavor brings so much joy, beautiful memories and the anticipation of new dreams...

What about you? What do you prefer? I'd love to know!

Until then, I hope your day is filled with warmth and flavor!


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