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My Partner is Good at.... (How to talk about skills)

Weekly Topic: What my partner is good at

Dec 3, 2019

My partner and I are totally different. However, we complement each other perfectly. While, she is more interested in art and food, I love music and sports. In this column, I will show you how to talk about these differences. 
Things we do well
BE + Good/Great/Excellent + AT
  • My wife is good at drawing. 
  • My wife is great at painting pictures. 
  • My wife is excellent at cooking. 
  • I am good at playing the guitar. 
  • I am great at basketball.
  • I am excellent at playing football. 
Things we don't do well
BE + Bad/Not good/Terrible + AT
  • I am not good at making sculptures.
  • I am bad at making lasagna. 
  • I am terrible at singing. 
  • My wife is bad at running. 
  • My wife is not good at playing guitar. 
  • My wife is terrible at dancing. 
Comparing my wife and I
  • I am good at playing basketball, whereas my wife is terrible at playing basketball. 
  • My wife is great at cooking but I'm not good at cooking. 
  • My wife is excellent at art, however I'm bad at art. 
It is easy to talk about what we are good at in English. Just follow the examples above. Now, it's your turn. Can you compare yourself and your partner (or friend)?

Write your comparisons in the comments.

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