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I passed 5,000 lessons! I'm so happy and grateful!

Dec 5, 2019 | 4 Commento

Dear Cafetalk Community!

How are you doing? I'm so happy to announce that I passed 5,000 lessons! Thank you for taking my lessons to make it possible! I'm so happy and grateful for each and every student who took my lesson! It's been just a few months ago that I announced surpassing 4,000 lessons!

I wanted to share with you one of my fond memories from the past. Did you ever buy "Washington Shoes?" I collected the monthly pocket calendars that I shot during my modeling days in Japan. (There are more . . .) They had big posters of me all over the store, and they gave out pocket calendars when the customer purchased shoes. Everyone in Japan was very nice to me while I was modeling for 5 years until I moved to Los Angeles, California (US).

Thank you very much for taking my lessons. I am doing my best to meet every student's needs. Every student is different, various levels, and a variety of ages (from 3 to 110 years old! Just kidding!)

I just wanted to say "hello" and let you know that I will continue to do my best to help you improve your English! It's snowing a lot in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada but it's nice and warm inside when I'm teaching! I hear it's getting cooler of there. Be careful of your health in this changing weather!

[Joke of the day!]

"There was a woman who was thinking about getting plastic surgery. But she heard it hurt a lot, so she wanted to make sure she was going to live a long time. She went to god and said, 'I'm thinking about getting plastic surgery, but I heard it's very painful and takes a long time to recover, so I want to know how long I'm going to live.'

God said to the woman, 'Oh, don't worry. You're going to live for a long time!' After hearing that, the woman felt relieved and went ahead and had her plastic surgery. As she was leaving the hospital, the woman got hit by a bus and she died. The woman went back to god and said, 'I thought you said I'm going to live a long time?' God said, 'I didn't recognize you!"'


I hope you liked that! Ha-ha-ha!!! 

Well, I'm not that funny in my lessons. I just wrote that for a very important branch manager at an office abroad who is going to be the MC (Master of Ceremony) at a Christmas party. I'm so glad he liked it! I'm also helping a 4-year-old girl prepare for a "Recitation Contest." I'm even helping a student write a dissertation about the "Evolution of Women's Rights in the People's Republic of China." It keeps me on my toes! (American idiom)

I'm helping several students prepare for the TOEIC, Eiken, and other exams. I've helped several students pass Eiken 1 by improving their writing, reading, and speaking skills! Congratulations on all of my students who passed their exams! If you're studying for one now, keep it up! You're doing a great job! I think you're ahead of the game by studying and improving all the time!

PS: I must've been about 13 or 14 years old in the photo below. If I've never met you yet, I don't look like that anymore. ;)

Looking forward to seeing you! Take care of yourself!

Warmest regards,

Lady Ayame
(Patricia Ayame Thomson)

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