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Successful move to Japan!

Jan 7, 2020


On December 27th 2019, I took a plane to Tokyo and started a new adventure!
Before doing so, I had applied and received my Working Holiday Visa from the Japanese Embassy in Montreal (my home town). 
Afterwards, I booked a homestay with a Japanese family.
In addition, I had already applied for a job online and had an interview lined up.

It has almost been 2 weeks now since I arrived. I am very happy with the family I am staying with, and the town in which we live. I have grown used to the train system (with great help from google maps). The sim card I got, which gives me wifi everywhere, works very well. I dont have any problems keeping in touch with my new friends here and my loved ones back home.

Furthermore, the interview was a success and I have been happilly working for a Japanese company. The staff are very friendly and patient! I'm surprised at how welcome I am, as a foreigner who cannot communicate very well in Japanese yet.

It's only the begining, but I am already learning so much!

If you want to practice your English conversational skills, or mostly listening, please consider my lesson; English conversation - Let's talk!

Thank you!

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