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How my May goals went

Jun 1, 2015

Hey everyone!!

As promised, here is how I did for the month of May!

Here are what my top 10 goals were for MAY and how I did:

1. Save money. --- I didn't save as much as I wanted to, but I still did save some!!

2. Put up a course on Udemy.---I did not do this.

3. Complete at least 4 modules on my TEFL course.---- I did not do this.

4. Work out and run daily. ----I did really good at this.

5. Learn how to edit videos.----I didn't do this.

6. Get a UK visa.----I tried, but it got declined.

7. Buy tickets to go to the U.S.A.-----I bought tickets to other countries because my plans changed.

8. Skype my grandmother every week.-----I did pretty good at this.

9. Give my mom a really nice Mother's Day gift.------Mom loved her Mother's Day gifts.

10. Floss everyday.-----I did okay with this, but not as well as I should have.

So, this month could have gone a lot better, but it still went well because I improved on myself.

I got more online work, I helped out my mom and sister a lot, and I improved a lot of my other relationships.

So, not a bad month at all.

I hope you're month went well!! 



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