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500 Lessons Completed, 500 more to go!!!

Apr 14, 2020

Hello everyone,
I'm so honored to have been fortunate enough to reach this milestone.
As many of you know, I was a teacher on Cafetalk for almost 3 years, back in their
infancy. I became too busy with my work that unfortunately I had to abandon my effort.
During these past few months, because of the unfortunate events of COVID-19, I have been
able to reconnect with many of my past students and connect with new ones.
I hadn't realized that I was so close to the 500 lesson mark, so it came as somewhat of a surprise.
Please take some time and look at my profile. If you are new, you can request my lesson
"Which Lesson is Right for YOU?" and I will work with you on accomplishing your English proficiency.
I'm looking forward to meeting you, working with you, and helping you as much as I possibly can.


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