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My Top 10 Goals for June

Jun 5, 2015

Hey everyone,

Today is June 4th, so a bit of a late start to mymonthly goals list..

But, here it is!! 

I only have about 25 days left to get everything done, so wish me luck!!

1. Pay off some of my credit card and save up some money.

2. Learn how to edit videos and start vlogging.

3. Run, workout, and/or do yoga daily.

4. Start my own blog.

5. Make more money online. Meet financial goal.

6. Build my online presence.

7. Work hard on my TEFL course. Finish at least 4 mods.

8. Get at least one client with coaching.

9. Take better care of my teeth. Floss daily.

10. Start planning ahead more and have more organized plans.

So some of these goals are pretty high, but I know if I work really hard, I can make them!!

Try setting yourself some goals this month and see how many you make!!

"The only type of failure I can not accept is not trying."


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