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My Life Philosophy / 私の人生哲学

Weekly Topic: What is Your Life Philosophy?

Пятница, 29 Май 2020 r. 14:02

I have always thought of myself as a "Jack" in life. There are many things that I can possibly do, and frankly I do have certain degree of knowledge that I can use to impress other people. However, I don't seem to have anything that I am truly expert at, some kind of a specialty, other than the aptitude for learning the things I am interested in. This has made it difficult for me to choose my path in life despite having so many things to do.

Then I started to think back throughout my life, what I have been doing, what makes me the happiest or the most fulfilled. Being raised as a Christian, I am very grateful that I was taught many life values as I grew up. Finally, I came to realize that the thing which actually makes me truly happy is when I can help other people. It doesn't have to be in the form of money or labor, because I've been helping my friends in listening to their problems, offering them my point-of-view, motivational quotes, and solutions, or even explaining their assignments or subjects that they are learning. This is also the main reason why I decided to pursue the fields of education. It always makes me happy whenever I can help other people, no matter how small or trivial it may seem. Moreover, even if they don't return the favor or anything, I am still content with that, because I know that being a good person is not a bad thing to do.

In conclusion, my main life philosophy is "Becoming a blessing for other people."

今までも、私はずっと自分が ”器用貧乏" だと思っています。どうやら様々なことができたり知ったりしても、専門がありません。ですから、将来によく気にしています。

今回の ”Weekly Topic" を見たら、すぐ気になりました。私の一番望んでいるのは何と考えていました。キリスト教だけに、小さいから様々な価値観も両親が教えてくれました。そして、結局見つかりました。おかしいかどうかわかりませんが、他の人を助けたら、何か満足になります。そのため、私は教育の道を選び、チューターとなりました。なぜかと言ったら、いい人になるのは悪いことではありませんね。

つまり、私の人生哲学は ”他の人に役立つになりたい” です。

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