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Have You Heard of Shel Silverstein?

Aug 21, 2020

Hello, everyone!  And welcome to my first tutor column!! (Hooray!)  


Reading has always been an important activity in my family.  For birthdays and Christmas, we often exchanged books as presents; and growing up, my sister and I went on weekly trips to our public library. 

When a book or poem is good, it is something that I want to read again and again.  No matter how I feel, or how much time has passed, a good book or a good poem is like an old friend to whom I can always return.  Thus, when I think about my favorite poet, there is only one person who comes to mind, and that is Shel Silverstein.

Shel Silverstein was not just a poet, he was also a cartoonist, a songwriter, a playwright.  As a kid, and even now, as an adult, his poems and books make me laugh, think, and occasionally cry.
Although his poetry is considered “for kids,” I think that there is something for all ages.  Also, who can say comedic poetry is only for kids?!  (No one!) 

If you have the chance, I would recommend reading his books The Giving Tree and Lafcadio: The Lion Who Shot Back as well as his poetry books, which include Where the Sidewalk Ends, A Light in the Attic, and Falling Up.

If you have read any of his work please tell me about it in the comments section!  Or please share your favorite author or poet!

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