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Funny Human-Animal Interaction

Weekly Topic: A funny human-animal interaction

Oct 19, 2020

When I was in Vietnam, I visited a temple in Da Nang. It was on a mountain close to the ocean. I could see the whole city from it, it was very beautiful. There was a monestary there, so there were many monks...and monkeys! It was the first time I saw monkeys outside of a zoo, so it was very interesting to me. The monkeys weren't shy at all, I think because they see people every day. The liked to eat the coconuts from the ground, but they were hard for them to open. Since I'm stronger, I broke them so they could eat the inside. They were very happy! I also saw another monkey who wanted my water bottle, so I gave it to him. He grabbed it, and drank it like a person! I was so surprised to see that. I think the monkeys there were very funny!

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