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The Tales of Kage-musha and Kiri-musha (Part 1: Kiri’s Late-Night Present)

Weekly Topic: A funny human-animal interaction

Oct 25, 2020


I currently have two cats, Kage and Kiri.  They are sisters and seem to always be getting into some kind of mischief.  So, I present the first of (hopefully/possibly) a series of anecdotes featuring their numerous shenanigans (1): “Kiri’s Late-Night Present.”


Kiri’s Late-Night Present


[Warning: slightly disgusting story. If you are squeamish (2), do not read this while eating or avoid entirely. I find this story amusing because Kiri is the absolute sweetest cat ever, and yet she could not help herself.]


Recently, Kiri has taken to sleeping on my chest at night.  Despite how it sounds (namely: like sleeping with a nine-pound cat on one’s chest), it is really quite comfortable because her purring lulls me to sleep.  However, she is also rather demanding.  If I am lying on my side or stomach, she will lightly put one paw on my back and wait for me to assume the proper position, so she can comfortably lay down and sleep.

A few nights ago, it was the same as any other night and we went through this familiar song and dance.  Exhausted, I flopped down on my stomach, and Kiri disapprovingly meowed at me until I turned over.  However, unlike previous nights, I woke to the sound of Kiri meowing.

Then, there was that dreaded hacking cough.

The hacking cough that all cat owners knows means a hairball is soon to follow.

I was still half-asleep, so my brain was a little slow on the uptake.  As our eyes met, Kiri opened her mouth and spat out a hairball on my chest.  Then, having bestowed her present upon the unwilling recipient (i.e. me), Kiri gracefully leapt off the bed and strutted from my room.

If she were any other cat, I could see this only as an act of vengeance (2).  The eye contact… the deliberate choice to have the hairball while still laying on me… and her fleeing the scene of the crime after the fact certainly made the event feel malicious.  However, she is a sweetheart, so she couldn’t be mad at me… right?



(1) shenanigans (noun) silly or high-spirited behavior; michief

(2) squeamish (adjective) [of a person] easily made to feel sick, faint, or disgusted

(3) vengeance (noun) punishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong

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