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A Symphony at 5 AM

Oct 30, 2020

Dear Students, Welcome!!!

Let me tell you about waking up on a farm in rural South Africa…


As I write this it is just after 5 AM, which may seem very early to many of you…but the sun is just peeping over the horizon and it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day.


Besides the increasingly bright sunlight, the first thing you notice is the symphony of birds which have started greeting the day. I think our house must offer excellent nesting spots because every morning there seems to be a turf-war going on between the birds on the roof!!

There are many birds competing for space including doves, pigeons, sparrows, finches, crows, hadedas and Egyptian geese…the geese are quite big, so they make a big noise when they land on the roof and they are also especially vocal…which drives our dog Meg (see my previous column for more about her) CRAZY!! How DARE they come and land on her roof??


This of course leads to her barking her head off and then charging out the door like she is going into battle as soon as we open the door…so needless to say, the odds of us ever sleeping in are slim to none!


Well, as we say in English, “The Early-bird Catches the Worm” and that is something that I truly believe…morning is the most productive time of the day and has been proven, many times, to be the best time of the day for study.

So, come and join me for a quick lunch-time lesson on Tuesday…I’ll be up, watching the sunrise, listening to the birds and preparing for battle! ??


Useful Expressions:

  • PEEP (verb) – to APPEAR SLOWLY without being completely seen
  • TURF-WAR (slang) – a FIGHT / BATTLE over specific TERRITORY
  • DARE (verb) – to be SILLY enough to do something you have NO RIGHT to do

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