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Mini Skills Training Course – Professional Presentation Skills (Part 4)

Nov 18, 2020

Why Do Presentations Fail?

Have you been part of a presentation event and come away thinking it went so well, only to discover it didn’t produce the results you hoped for?


Were you so worried about your English skills that it affected your flow?


The truth is, making a great presentation is a lot more complicated than speaking perfect English. Which is why even native English speakers struggle. Good presentation skills are about communicating a message and building connection with a room full of strangers. Think of presentation skills as going hand-in-hand with people skills. 


Let’s focus on ‘Process People’  and how you can persuade them to buy your idea, product or service. At every stage you need to ask yourself: does this section of my presentation inspire, inform or get them to act? 


Remember, making a presentation is one of those situations where using simple, easy to understand English is the key to success. 


‘Process People’ become anxious when they feel uncertain and resentful if they are made to feel silly or stupid. 


Match Your Presentation to Their Personality


Remember, an important presentation skill is to be interested in your audience as people. When you understand their personality you can make a presentation structure to suit them. This also applies to companies. Imagine a company’s culture as a company's personality.


Think of it this way, when you speak in a way that they understand, you instantly communicate that you are part of their ‘thinking community’. 


When I was young, I felt intimidated by rational thinkers.  I knew we saw the world in a different way but I didn’t know exactly how. I often felt ashamed because I couldn’t give the detailed information that they required. It made me think about communication in a deep way. Looking back, I can see clearly why we failed to communicate. 


What You Need to Remember


‘Process people’ are most comfortable thinking about process and details. They like to be thorough and orderly. They are motivated more by the process than the result.


Expert Strategy #3 –  Presentation Skills for ‘Process’ People

Process people get pride from what they create and are more like to consider themselves introverts. They like information in presentations to be an unemotional sequence of logic and with steps clearly laid out. Most of all they like proof. 


Mini Skills Training # 4 


Rewrite a presentation using the Point, Reason, Example(s) Point Framework (PREP) to help ‘Process People’ follow your ideas. Remember to think about what gives ‘Process people’ a sense of pride.

  • Point: present you main claim or point in a structured, logical way.

  • Reason: explain why your claim or point is true using research and theories as evidence.

  • Example(s): tell relevant stories that allow them to judge value or importance

  • Point: conclude by answering their ‘what’s in it for me’ question. Think about  their ‘needs’ or ‘wants’.

  • Imagine their situation and prepare to debate points of view and help them gather the information they will need to analyse your ideas. 

  • Think about how what you offer is useful, reliable or practical to them and their company. 

  • Concentrate on showing them how what you are offering helps them  (including the ability to create greater certainty when possible).

How I Can Help

My lessons focus on helping you become a skilled communicator by choosing the right language to suit your listener. This means understanding them and their situation. When you do so, you are more likely to be trusted


It is why I teach English for your specific situation and my coaching aims to help you grow in confidence. My tools allow you to analyse your situation, create a Personal Language Development Plan and set specific goals. Research has found these strategies to be most effective in helping adult learners succeed.


Book a free Counselling Lesson to discuss how I can assist you. After you have completed your Personal Language Development Plan, book a Customized English Lessons to achieve your specific language goals or check out my other lessons. You will receive a 40% discount for your first lesson.


Meantime, stay safe. Part 5 of my mini training course will be posted in a few days. Stay tuned!

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