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No Name

Dec 5, 2020

²  unputdownable    so interesting you can’t put it down

²  page-turner    so exciting you have to keep reading

²  protégé    a younger person helped and taught by an older one

²  celebrated    famous

²  pioneer     one of the first people to do something

²  thriller     an exciting story, often about crime

²  to be denied something     stopped from having (to deny somebody something = refuse to let somebody have something)

²  inheritance     money or property you are given when somebody dies

²  strong-willed     determined

²  resourceful     good at dealing with difficulties / very capable

²  to stop at nothing     willing to do anything to achieve something

²  I can’t wait to…   eager to do something and excited about it

²  to find out     discover / learn


Have you ever read a book that is unputdownable? That’s what I’m reading now: No Name by Wilkie Collins and it’s an absolute page-turner! Wilkie Collins was a friend and protégé of the celebrated novelist Charles Dickens. Collins wrote in the 19th Century and was a pioneer of the ‘sensation novel’. Nowadays, we don’t say ‘sensation novel’, instead we call this type of book a ‘thriller’ - and what a thriller it is! It concerns two young women who have been denied their inheritance by an evil uncle. One of the sisters is strong-willed and resourceful – she will stop at nothing to get their inheritance back. She is such an interesting character. I can’t wait to find out what will happen, so I’m going to stop writing this column in a moment.

Have you read a page-turner recently? Can you recommend an unputdownable thriller from your own language? Let me know in the comments below or in a lesson of ‘Bookworms’.

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