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Jack Detroit's NYE live stream and YouTube channel update!

Dec 30, 2020

Happy holidays, everyone! Jack Detroit, with an important update:

I will be streaming during New Years for charity. Come support Food For Kids and Extra Life, two charities which benefit kids who need food, or entertainment when they are in the hospital.  (I have a regular live stream but I will discuss that later.)  Come to this channel and help me stream for 36 hourshttps://www.twitch.tv/rhsjack      from December 31st @ 8AM US EST (22:00 JST)   to  January 1st @ 8PM US EST (10:00 JST)

Starting in January, TPEJack will be moving from Twitch to YouTube and Facebook Gaming. And I will be streaming Friday nights (or Saturday morning in Japan) and these will be more topic based streams. I will share all the details next year. But for now, come support me and support the kids on New Years.

live stream-Examples, Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, Spotify. 
charity-Examples, Japanese Red Cross, Shine On! Kids, UN Food Aid, Live Aid
donate-to give money or things to people who do not have them and cannot buy them.
support-to give help
update-to add new helpful information 

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