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My self-care routine to help me relax.

Weekly Topic: My Way of Relaxing

Jan 18, 2021

One of my interests is skincare and cosmetics. I have always loved cosmetics, I used to live in France and I relished going to the pharmacy and finding the best products for my skin.

Living in Korea furthered this interest as there are so many cosmetic stores on every street and the price is so cheap for the quality.

In fact, I now run an Instagram account and blog all about Korean cosmetics and where you can buy them in the UK.

I find looking after my skin is a great form of selfcare and I enjoy trying new products.


Another way I relax is by taking a bath. My favourite place to buy bath products is Lush. The Lush branding is very different in the UK and in Japan/Korea. In the UK it is a friendly or accessible brand whereas in East Asia it is more of a luxury brand.

I admire the Lush ethos, the fact they are eco-friendly and don’t test on animals. I also adore the scents of the products and how fun they are to use.


Sentence structures

Good: I relax by ~ing

Better: One way is relax is by ~ing


Good: _____ is a form of self-care. (Noun / gerund in gap)

Better: I find that _______ is a great form of selfcare. (Noun / gerund in the gap)

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