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Weekly Topic: My slightly unique hobbies

Feb 1, 2021

Interview using some question words about doing what makes me HAPPY!
What makes me happy?
Crocheting / knitting, gardening and doing all sorts of things with children.

WHY am I happy doing these things?
When I do these things I feel good and relaxed. I enjoy every minute and it is good for my overall health :o)

When do I do things that make me happy?
Everyday I have special moments doing things that make me happy!

Where do I do things that make me happy?
During this pandemic period I do everything at home. I have moments doing things by myself (knitting, crocheting, gardening). I have other moments playing games and having fun with my family and kids, I set online meetings with friends and even have tea time online meetings :o) It's really fun!

What about you? Would you like to talk about your hobbies (what, why, when, where)?

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I wish you all the best!
Tutor Luiza

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