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Let's Watch Friends!

Freitag, 5. Februar 2021, 12:30

Do you want to watch TV shows in English, but it's difficult for you to understand them? 
Check out my Let's Watch Friends lessons!

Before the lesson, I will send you some lesson sheets with:
vocabularyexpressionsphrasal verbs, and idioms from the show
- the transcript
discussion questions 
*Please print these sheets before our lesson.  You will need them during the lesson. 

During the lesson, we will:
watch part of a Friends show and listen for the missing words 
role play the scenes to practise correct pronunciation and intonation 
- ask each other questions about the show's theme 

It has a little bit of everything.  It's a great way to practise casual conversation in a fun way!
Please see my current coupons and lesson details for more information. 
This is an intermediate level lesson.  

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