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Feb 28, 2021





"We are the Earth Family" Holy Mary's Full Moon Meditation ????


15 people who exceeded the capacity participated in the Zoom Holy Mary's full moon meditation on Saturday, February 27th. From Chiba, Aichi, Saitama, Mie, Shizuoka, Tokyo, and New York, Connecticut, and Canada , we made a big circle of water of Holy Maria. And we sent the water of the full moon all over the world. As an earth family. I healed everyone who participated and read the message. This time I received an aura color and a guide message from Holy Mary.




 Not only Japanese but also American participated. The meditation guide proceeded in Japanese and English. T.M one of the Maria Blue Members, translated into English. What a wonderful connection it was! We felt that we were the "Earth family" and "one of the Earth's life forms."



Holy Mary = Mother of the Universe, I heard, "Please convey my message to the world." That's why I try to have time for meditation in English and Japanese. The prayer of Holy Mary was translated by one of the members, C.S. This beautiful full moon photo is of K.T from members. I am being helped by everyone.



It was very comfortable to hear both English and Japanese tones, and communicating in more than one language felt fair to people all over the world.



Purify and heal your body water with Holy Mary's water once every two weeks. And let's send water healing together to the world. We are looking forward to the participation of not only Japanese people but also overseas people! First-time users can participate for free.



We are 70% water present. Because there is water, we can sympathize and resonate. We can share love.


3月の聖マリア新月瞑想 313日(土)10:0011:30


March Holy Mary's New Moon Meditation
13th  March (Sat) 10: 00-11: 30


3月の聖マリア満月瞑想 329日(月)10:0011:30  UTC+9


March Holy Mary's Full Moon Meditation
29th  March(Monday) 10: 00-11: 30 UTC







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