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My University Graduation

Weekly Topic: Memories of my graduation ceremony

Montag, 1. März 2021, 15:52

I still remember my graduation ceremony from university. I was so nervous and excited for that day. It meant that all of my hard work over my entire education had finally paid off. 

I got two degrees, a Linguistics one and a Japanese one. So, I had two different graduation ceremonies and two different tassels for my cap. I am grateful that I had this chance to experience two different kinds of ceremony. 

My first ceremony was for my Japanese Culture and Language degree. It was a big ceremony! There were about 200 people in attendance. I was so nervous about tripping or dropping my diploma. But, I did alright!

My second ceremony was for my Linguistics degree. It was a small ceremony. I think there were fewer than 50 people in attendance. I was less nervous for this one, because I knew all of the teachers and students well.

The biggest thing that surprised me is that no one threw their hats! We always see graduates throwing their hats in the movies, but it didn't happen in real life. I guess that is because it would be hard to find our hats afterwards! It might also make the tassels knotted, I suppose. 

I gave away my graduation gown and cap to a younger student who hadn't graduated yet, but I still have my tassels from that day. I think that they are great mementos of the years I spent studying.

How about you? Did you keep your tassels? Did you throw your hats in the air? Let me know!

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