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Spring 2020 memories

Weekly Topic: My spring memories

Dienstag, 30. März 2021, 01:27

Spring 2020 was challenging, but I’m happy that I have some good memories from that time. I returned from a trip to Japan in early March, and just one week after I had gone back to work, Toronto suddenly went into lockdown and my school closed. March was a very uncertain time for everyone, and the atmosphere in the city was tense. It seemed like a good time to get out of Toronto! 

So, I spent the month of April at my parents’ house in the countryside. The risk was much lower, and we were able to relax and enjoy spending time together. There was lots of yardwork to do every day, and I remembered how much work it takes to live on a farm. I’d been living in the city for almost 20 years, so it was nice to be working with my hands and smelling the fresh air again. 

It was nice to be surrounded by cats again, too! They have such interesting personalities and are always doing something weird and funny. I was also able to clean up a vegetable garden that hadn’t been used for many years, and we started to grow our own vegetables again. 

Although it was nice to visit my parents, one month was enough, and by May I was back in Toronto. Although I haven’t been able to see them since that time, at least I have some good memories from last spring.

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