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Weekly Topic: My favorite character in a movie !

Apr 6, 2021

My favourite character from a movie is Vianne in Chocolat.  Juliette Binoche plays the role of Vianne in the movie.  Binoche was nominated for Best Lead Actress at the Academy Awards for her role.  

Vianne moves to a conservative French village with her daughter and opens a chocolate shop during Lent.  At first, the villagers disapprove of her chocolate shop.  She gradually convinces the villagers to indulge in her chocolate treats, and she changes their lives.   Her character is vivacious, charming, intuitive, and persistent.  Have you seen Chocolat?  I highly recommend it.  

I offer a lesson called Let's Talk: Movie Discussion.  Before the lesson, we will watch a movie and I will send you some questions about the movie.  During the lesson, we will ask each other the questions.  You can choose the movie or I can choose the movie if you'd like. Check it out here: 

Here are a few examples of questions from my Chocolat movie lesson:

*What positive changes did Vianne make in the village? 
*What do you think of Vianne's character?   
*Vianne does not belong in the small French village.  Have you ever felt that you did not belong somewhere? What did you do to try to belong? 
*Vianne offers her friend a place to stay after she leaves her husband.  Have you ever helped someone to start something new? 

Let's talk about movies together soon!

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