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Three Movie Teachers

Weekly Topic: My favorite character in a movie !

Apr 8, 2021 | 1 Comments

I don't have a favourite movie teacher. However, I can think of three which are great examples of what teachers can and should do.

Let's start off first with Miss Honey from the 1996 Movie Matilda adapted from the Roald Dahl novel. She is kind, sweet and recognises how talented Matilda is. She takes it upon herself to help Matilda reach her full potential even when faced with indifferent parents and her terrible aunt, Miss Trunchbull. She helps Matilda and Matilda, in turn, helps Miss Honey to stand up for herself and confront her aunt.

Next, we have Coach Carter. A shining example of what an honest, fair, determined and strict educator can do for the purpose of bettering the young people they are teaching. Coach Carter emphasis on the "student" part of student-athlete by necessitating good grades in order to play is something I wish was more prevalent around the world.

Lastly, we have Dewey Finn who is of the three the most flawed teacher at the start. He isn't actually a teacher, he has no qualifications or experience and fraudulently assumes that position. However, the growth of the character in growing empathy and caring for his students through teaching them Rock music, the one thing he even cares about, is a great journey and shows how much of a difference it can make for oneself and the students.

Oh wait, there is one more. O Captain, my Captain! R.I.P Mr Williams.

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