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What's happening in Vienna, Austria

Weekly Topic: Let me tell you what is happening in my country right now !

Apr 16, 2021

To be very honest, there's absolutely nothing happening in Austria right now.

It feels like a ghost town because everything is closed; all the shops are closed, and all restaurants have been closed since November! Even gyms and yoga studios have been closed for more than a year now. It's crazy! 

We're technically in a 'full lockdown' because the COVID numbers are still quite high, but I think the lockdown here isn't too strict.

We can go for walks, we can go grocery shopping, and restaurants can do takeaway and delivery. We're not supposed to meet people, but from what I know, everyone's going out anyways.

The most thing I miss is being able to go to a nice restaurant and have a nice glass of natural orange wine! 

Oh well, I have to stay positive and find the silver lining.

I'm just cooking more, teaching more, and trying to go for walks every day to clear my mind.

At least, as a result of COVID, I've started learning Shuuji 習字- it's incredibly relaxing!

I'm trying to stay positive, despite the pretty crappy weather - wet, grey, rainy, and it was even snowing last week. 

How's the weather where you are? I checked my weather App, and Tokyo was super sunny! I was so jealous!  

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