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What is Germany Famous For?: Beer

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Mittwoch, 28. April 2021, 18:55

Hello Everyone!

I love to travel for food. If you’re like me, then you should visit Germany because the food is delicious and so is the beer.

Germany has an interesting beer law called the ‘Reinheitsgebot. This law was established in 1516 and ensured that traditional beer was brewed (made) with specific ingredients: water, barley, hops (and yeast). One reason was to guarantee that the beer would be pure and of good quality. As a result, there was not a big variety in the flavours of beer.

The 3 traditional types are: wheat beers, pale lagers and dark beers.  


But, recently, Craft Beer has become more popular in Germany. I have seen many craft beer shops popping up in cities. Craft beer is brewed in small batches. It is also not limited to the Reinheitsgebot ingredients. This means you can find local craft breweries using things like tea, chocolate and fruits to make their beer.


Biggest Glass of Beer: the Maβ (Mass).

You can try drinking beer from this very large and heavy glass in Munich. Try going to the Hofbrauhaus if you have missed the Oktoberfest. The Mass holds a little more than 1L.


Smallest Glass of Beer: the Kölsch

If you go to Cologne, you can try the regional Kölsch beer in very small glasses. The Kölsch glass traditionally holds 0.2L of beer.



I’d like to hear from you!

What is beer like in your country? Do you have any famous brands?


New Vocabulary:

Reinheitsgebot (purity law)

to brew beer




a lager beer

to pop up

brewed in small batches



*The photos used in this article are for educational purposes only to provide examples for my students.

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