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Weekly Topic: My Country/Town is Actually Famous for 〇〇!

Freitag, 30. April 2021, 08:41

If you come to Colorado, you will have so many wonderful things to go see and do. Colorado if famous for many things like the Rocky Mountains, the wonderful ski country, craft beer, mountain biking, rafting, hiking, nature, high altitude, Red Rocks, and much, much more. 

 The Rocky Mountains are particularly beautiful in fall.

 There are over 400 craft breweries in Colorado, making use of the cool spring water that runs down from the mountains.

 The skiing in Colorado is like no other. People call our snow "champagne powder" for its soft texture. I recommend trying Beaver Creek Resort, where I used to teach!

Of all the things you'll be able to enjoy in Colorado, there is one thing you can't help but notice when you first arrive at Denver International Airport (DIA), and it might just scare you away!

Blucifer (Blue Lucifer) is the local name given to Blue Mustang, a giant blue horse statue placed just outside of DIA. It is visually striking and would be quite beautiful, but it also has glowing red eyes which give it a foreboding stare. The statue was built by Luis Jiménez, meant to be a powerful symbol of the Colorado spirit. The statue weighs 9,000 lbs (4,100 kg) and when it accidentally fell on Jiménez during sculpting in 2006 it severed an artery in his leg and killed him. His family helped to finish the statue, but its dark past, and creepy eyes make it a terrible sight for any Coloradan. 

Don't let that stop you though, Colorado is a wonderful state and if you're looking for outdoor adventure, it's the place for you!


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