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Plan B

Weekly Topic: My personal Motto

Dienstag, 25. Mai 2021, 19:29

My personal motto is actually one I got from my mother. My mother always said "Life is always about 'Plan B,' because 'Plan A' rarely works out." Throughout my life, I've always found this to be true. 

In life, we normally plan for the best outcome, or the outcome we would like to see happen. When it comes down to it, things rarely work out the way we imagine. Tragedies happen, plans get derailed. This last year, 2020, was a great example of how many people's 'Plan A' for the year got thrown out the window. Knowing that things won't always work out the way you want them to is common sense. What's really important is being flexible in your life and when things go wrong, being able to switch gears and still have a good attitude about your change in plans. 

Last year, my husband and I were meant to have our wedding ceremony in Colorado, where I'm from. Our date was May 4th (Star Wars day), but we had to make the difficult decision to cancel the wedding as there were no flights going out of Japan at the time. We rescheduled for September, thinking things would be back to normal by then. We rescheduled once again for May 2021, but had to again cancel and postpone all the way to May 2022. Each time, we knew that getting angry or upset wouldn't make the situation any different. We simply called our guests and our vendors and asked everyone to stick with us. We knew that when we finally do have a wedding ceremony in the US, it will be a wonderful celebration of friends and family coming together after a long time apart. 

We made lemonade out of lemons by having a small Japanese ceremony at Hasedera Temple in Nara in October. It was beautiful and not something we had ever planned on doing. Originally the thought of paying for two weddings was too much, but given the extended timeline, we decided it was worth it to have something to celebrate in 2020.

So whatever happens in life, just roll with it. Know that your first plan might not work out, and that it will all be ok because you have a 'Plan B.'

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