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Yamazaki, I miss you!

Weekly Topic: My Favorite Alcoholic Beverages!

Mittwoch, 9. Juni 2021, 15:27

My favorite drink is probably whisky -- actually, my favorite drink is probably fresh mango juice, but my favorite alcoholic drink is whisky!
Did you know that Scottish people spell it "whisky," but Irish people spell it "whiskey" with an e, and the Japanese version is "whisky" because the drink came here from Scotland, but the American spelling is "whiskey," probably because of all the Irish immigrants in America? I just learned that 2 minutes ago when I asked google how I was supposed to spell it!
So I am going to drop the "e" because the best whisky I have ever had -- the one I want to talk about -- is Yamazaki 18 (meaning, aged 18 years)!
I actually had a small glass of this glorious drink after touring the Yamazaki distillery many years ago! It is a tour that I highly recommend! Back then, Yamazaki 18 was expensive -- maybe 20,000 yen per bottle -- but now because of a shortage, you cannot find it in the stores. But you can find it on yahoo auctions where it is ridiculously expensive! I just checked and the price is around 100,000 yen for a bottle!
It is good, but I do not think it is that good!
So why the shortage? Basically, 18 years ago they did not make enough to satisfy all of the people who want to drink it now!
Maybe they did not know how much the world would LOVE Japanese whisky!

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