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Japanese grandma divers

Jun 10, 2021

Three years ago, when I was working in a dive center in Nha Trang, Vietnam, we were so happy to receive a group of senior lady divers from Japan. They belong to the dive group Dive Award.

It was really a humbling experience to take these ladies some of whom were my grandmother’s age, diving underwater. They were all so physically fit, well-equipped, organised, and enthusiastic.

Most of the my colleagues, the instructors and workers on the boat were youngsters between the ages 18-45, so watching and hosting these senior ladies ages 65 plus was really an eye-opener.

Some of these ladies had back problems, but that did not dissuade them from diving. They got in the water first, then their diving gear was lowered in the water, where we helped them wear their dive gear.

I also made a short promotional documentary for the dive center, and I interviewed Emy Murata,
the dive group leader. She was a younger woman, but had organised their trip.

These magnificent ladies reminded me of the ‘Ama’ the traditional ‘women of the sea’ in Japan, who have been diving in cold waters to fish shellfish, since 3000 years. What amazing women!



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