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Суббота, 12 Июнь 2021 r. 12:19

Advice is a funny thing (funny = strange). We really want some people’s advice. When we hear it, we listen carefully – we even take notes. Other people we don’t pay much attention to, either because we think their advice is not good, or perhaps (=maybe) they just give too much of it!

As a teacher, my advice is usually on how improve as a speaker of English, or a writer of English or reader. Students appreciate my advice, because particularly with encouragement, I see them succeed later, perhaps getting a job, or entering the university course they wanted to do. Or just having a good English conversation with someone on the street in a foreign country. It makes me happy to think I helped them just a little bit towards their goal.

Advice is something we also teach using English Grammar. Should, could, ought to, have to, mustn’t. All these words of obligation and necessity. Gentle and strong advice. Suggestion and authority. We use it all in English, and it’s useful and important to know.


My advice for learning English with Cafetalk? Have fun, ask questions and enjoy the moment too

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