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My unforgettable journey

Weekly Topic: My Unforgettable Journey

Montag, 14. Juni 2021, 16:47

When I was a kid, I went with my brother, Dad and Uncle to a place called North West Island. It’s a very remote island 75 kilometres from Eastern Australia. My Dad and Uncle were interested in spear fishing, and we joined a group of scuba divers to spend two weeks on the island.

We were basically camping,  and we spent some of the time fishing to catch our food. Especially popular were coral trout which tasted great over a barbeque.

If we went swimming, we could see the coral reef surrounding the island. There were so many fish and so much different coral. And you could hear the ocean underwater. The animals swimming and moving. One time I jumped out of the boat to do some spear fishing, and I saw a shark swimming right next to me! I jumped back into the boat straight away!

There were animals all over the island too. Especially interesting  were the baby turtles, which would come up through the sand and waddle down to the beach, and adult turtles, which would  come lay their eggs at night.

I miss that island from time to time. The feeling and sound of the wind moving through the trees, as the sun gently dropped below the blue horizon, was a fleeting moment of peace and connection with nature.


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