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忘れられない旅の思い出 ~ラスベガス~

Weekly Topic: My Unforgettable Journey

Montag, 14. Juni 2021, 16:53

Hello everyone! How are you today?

I suppose some of you would guess..

"Ah, I can see her through. It would be one in PEI 
since she posted the pictures on her profile."

Uh-uh, not that one this time.

I was a bit anxious about travelling in the United States
but my husband chose the destination.

We were newly-weds with poor English skills.
For the first few days, however, we survived without trouble. 

"There is nothing to worry about!"
Our assumption was right until we saw the girl.

In Las Vegas, we dropped in at a fast-food counter.
"No need to speak English there," we thought.
When our turn came, right before checking the menu,
I bowed to a shopgirl in the counter and then...

She bursted into laughter, saying,
"Hi, Ja×!"

I should've said something even in my native language.
I could not do it.
I ordered something and left. That was all.


Every time when I found myself goofing off,
her laughter came to me and instigated me to open books.

"Are you done?"

By no means!
I'm still ordering my thoughts better to improve my English skills!

Have a good day!

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