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Goan road Trip 2000

Weekly Topic: My Unforgettable Journey

Dienstag, 15. Juni 2021, 13:33 | 2 Comments

June 2000 living in Goa, I did not realize the flights stopped from Goa in the monsoon season, buses were dangerous and slow. I had a flight from Mumbai booked but did not know how to get there. luckily enough I had an old Indian Jeep that was slow and steady and had a couple of Goan friends to share the driving and drive my Jeep back to Goa.

Unsure if the Jeep would make it over the mountain passes and thru the monsoon rain.
We set out squashed into the jeep with is basically a 2 seater not designed for 3 people plus luggage. It was a cloudy afternoon, full tank of gas and some cold drinks, beautiful lush green scenery as we headed north out of Goa, by early evening the rain started and in no time the roof began to leak (soft top), I had never had the top on the jeep before, as we slowly got wetter and it got darker, the temperature soon started to drop in the mountains, not ideal t-shirt and shorts weather.

Soon as we saw a tea shop we darted in for a hot cup of tea and a snack, them off again slowly the jeep struggled with the wet roads and steep climbs. by early morning the rain was heavy we were soaked and the luggage too,  hungry and cold, tired we approached the city, we soon got caught in a traffic jam, many roads were flooded and closed, so the only time I saw Mumbai it looked like Venice underwater, 600km later and about 14 hrs we arrived at the Airport soaking wet, felt sorry for my friends who had to drive back.I was in plenty of time for my flight but had to sit and let myself dry in the airport, could not wait for my next stop and a shower and warm bed.
nothing but food memories of living in Goa and the great friends I made in Calangute, Hopefully a trip back one day.
Teacher peter

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