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Snowy returns!

Среда, 16 Июнь 2021 r. 19:06

Yeah hello. How are you? I am a cat.  I have a number of different names, like ‘The Snow’, ‘Bujee’ and ‘the Buje’. But you may call me Snowy, or just ‘Snow’ for short.

Being a beautiful cat is an important responsibility. It is so difficult to clean myself every day, but I never complain. And then there is the important dilemma: Should I walk to the food, or should I sleep another hour? These important decisions almost keep me up at night.

My owner, Andrew Teacher is …not bad! When I was outside, some birds tried to bully me, but he chased them away. It was kind of impressive, I guess. Whatever.

So I’m gonna go now. Human beings know how to type, but I’m just walking on the keyboard, and a word like CATNIP requires a ‘C’ and a ‘P’, so I have to use my back and front feet. So tiring!

Yeah catch you later…

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