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The 3 Best Places to visit in my country.

Weekly Topic: 3 Best Places to Visit in Your Country/Town

Понедельник, 21 Июнь 2021 r. 08:45

Everyone likes something different. Here are my 3 best places to visit in Australia Firstly, is Sydney. Sydney is a beautiful location with an incredible natural harbour, that allows for limitless picturesque coast line. The most famous landmarks of Sydney include the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Sydney Tower. There is also a marvelous Zoo, and a Ferry service to whisk you around the harbour.

The next place on my list is the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is a national tourist destination with many attractions. Here, we have beautiful beaches stretching for as far as the eye can see. Near the centre is Surfers Paradise, where many people meet to swim and sunbathe, and enjoy many shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants nearby. The Gold Coast also has 4 major theme parks for the kids.

My final best place to visit in my country is the small coastal town of Forster. Located 4 hours drive north of Sydney this small town has beautiful beaches and a slower, relaxing lifestyle. The northern end of One Mile Beach has a large sand dune. It is so much fun to climb to the top, and then run straight down! A natural roller coaster :)

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