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I got my first COVID- 19 Vaccination Shot!

Jul 7, 2021

Hello students, 

Today, I would like to write about my experience getting the first shot of COVID-19 vaccine.

In our city everyone age 12 and older has now recieved their coupon tickets to be vaccinated. Most people have to wait their turn to be vaccinated by age but in Kanagawa and  in my city they are accepting the application for those who have underlying illnesses to be vaccinated along with the elderly and people who work with the elderly. 

My husband has to wait for his age to be called, but I have an underlying illness of Asthma ( a breathing disorder) so I qualified to register and get my shot earlier.  

All of my family in Canada has been vaccinated with either Pfizer or Moderna  so I knew the possible side effects from my family members. Some of them had no side effects with the first shot  whereas others in my family had side effects with the first shot and not the second. It really depends on the person how your body will react to the vaccine. 

I was unlucky, I suppose and experienced minor side effects.

Day of Receiving the shot -- I experienced some dizziness on and off throughout the day and upper arm pain that increased throughout the day ( the key here is to keep exercising the arm and moving it , it helps reduce the pain. ) Later in day and into the evening I got a headache. I also experiences a heavy feeling in my body and tiredness ( but not tired enough to fall asleep) . 

Over night I woke up many times when I rolled over on to my injection site arm-- the pain increased over night and was difficult to use in the morning.

The Day after vaccination -- When I woke up my whole body was very sore  and my arm was difficult to move , but as the day went a long the  soreness slowly disappeared  and by the time I woke up this morning ... 48 hours later . I am feeling 100% ok ! 

So in about three weeks I will go back and get my second vaccination shot.  I hope the side effect will be less or none at all !!

I hope you will all be getting your vaccine too ! You might not get any side effect or you might have similar expereince to me , but it is worth it !

How many of you out there have been vaccinated ?  What was your experience ?

Looking forward to seeing and chatting with you all again soon !



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