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Weekly Topic: Things on My Bucket List

Понедельник, 19 Июль 2021 r. 19:14

I laugh when I see peoples bucket lists, nearly always impossible dreams or fantasies, win the lottery, climb Mt Everest etc
Any list should be achievable and give you lifelong memories, we only live once so make the most of it,

No 1. (not in any particular order just as I think of them)

I have done Voluntary work for a long time with the UN, Foundations in Asia and worldwide, met interesting and helpful people along the way. I think we can all make a difference in the world, one day at a time, there is always someone less fortunate than yourself, even a smile and a Hello can make someone Happy. People chase money when you should chase happiness.


One day soon I want to try this kite surfing, looks fun and could be a good laugh.


The place I always wanted to go to and never got there, My students teach me so much about China, the Emperor's palace and great wall have to be a must to visit.


Most of my Bucket list involves culture and history, I lived in Vietnam but never visited here Hoi An, a small ancient preserved town.

5. Peru for the Inca culture and history.

6. Galway Ireland, never visited the west coast of Ireland, so need to visit my homeland.

7. Egypt read and heard stories it's a must on anyone's list.

Nothing too special or costly there, hopefully when money and time allow I can cross some of these off my list, Thanks for reading.

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