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My Bucket List, my Now List

Weekly Topic: Things on My Bucket List

2021-07-20 | 2 Comments

I used to have a bucket list. It was there in the back of my mind waiting. It contained things like these:

1)      Get a dog

2)      Write those stories you have been thinking about

3)      Teach literature

It happened that I got pretty sick with dengue fever. It was a horrible time, and I was very scared. Fortunately, I recovered, and on the very day that I could get up and walk around, I got a little dog. Here is Coco:

Needless to say that she has been a joy, and I’m thankful for her every day of my life. She’s 3 now (and a very happy dog!).

What happened with the stories? They’re written now and are my dissertation for my MA in Children’s Literature which I’ll be completing in August!

And I’m now teaching literature right here at Cafetalk. I absolutely enjoy designing and teaching these lessons because they reflect my love for literature and teaching.

My message here is MAKE YOUR BUCKET LIST HAPPEN! Make those dreams happen as soon as you can!

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